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January 12, 2022Statement of Gratitude for Dr. Cecilia Martinez’s Work at the White House Council on Environmental Quality


The Environmental Justice Health Alliance for Chemical Policy Reform (EJHA) and Coming Clean are deeply grateful to Dr. Cecilia Martinez for her service as Senior Director of Environmental Justice to the White House Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ). Dr. Martinez's profound commitment to the many legacy communities living on the fencelines of environmental injustices is undeniable. As the Biden Administration moves forward, it remains essential to deliver on the promises made to these communities and make certain that no community is left behind.


During her time at CEQ, Dr. Martinez exemplified principled commitment to governmental service by ensuring that environmental justice (EJ) communities and concerns were centered at each step in the development of policies that affect their lives. Her holistic understanding of the solutions needed to tackle the climate crisis, environmental racism, and toxic chemical pollution was instrumental in laying the foundation for a presidential agenda that has committed to advance equity and justice in historic ways. We are tremendously grateful for her dedication to EJ and the many communities on the ground. We hope that CEQ will sustain this commitment to EJ moving forward so that all people can live, learn, work, play, and pray free from harm.


The fight for a just, healthy, and toxic free environment for all continues. Moving forward, CEQ must remain steadfast and strengthen its commitments to environmental justice through new funding, policies and actions that reach and benefit communities on the ground. EJHA and Coming Clean will continue to call for prioritization of EJ in all levels of federal policy as set forth by the Biden Administration's promises, and offer our ongoing support of CEQ’s critically important environmental justice work as exemplified by Dr. Martinez. 


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